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Logistics and Transportation - Funding Needs | Scorico

March 10, 2022
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Funding Needs for Small Logistics and Transportation Businesses

As a small business in the logistics and transportation industry, there are so many reasons why you might need to access funding. Here are some of them:

Fleets - There are a plethora of newer cutting edge transportation technologies still in development. Some of these include drones, autonomous vehicles, and shipments to parcel lockers. Many startups are looking at how to best use these technologies and need to invest accordingly. You might also want funding to invest in more traditional transportation modes - like adding a few new trucks, cars, or containers to your fleet.

Technology - Profitability in Transportation and Logistics is all about maximizing efficiency through the management and manipulation of infinite variables, and survival in a cutthroat competitive landscape. Logistics technologies can help manage this. 

For instance, fleet management tools can help organize vehicle and route information to maintain a smoothly running business. Load searching technologies can analyze data to find opportunities for revenues, as well as cost-savings. Finally, safety management tools can help ensure a healthy, productive experience for everyone that limits liabilities to the business. 

Materials - The logistics and transportation industry involves a lot of material usage. While the industry has made incredible strides in sustainability, these solutions are often not less expensive, but more earth-friendly. Even a penny or two add up over the millions of transactions that take place in this industry.  

Labor - Personnel is becoming increasingly specialized, harder to find, and costly. As a result, you may need funding to put together the right team until your business generates enough cash to self-fund payroll. There are also related expenses to cover, such as training.  

With a solid business credit score and business credit report being the foundation of your funding application, if you need to invest in your logistics and transportation business it will definitely pay off to improve them as much as possible.

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