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Is There Mint for Businesses

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Mint is an incredible personal finance product. You connect your various financial accounts – like savings, checking, investment, mortgages, loans, and credit cards. You can also link other financial assets, like real estate. It then collects information from those accounts on a continual basis, and categorizes and analyzes it for you.

Mint will then deliver to your dashboard detailed insights into your personal financial situation. It will tell you how much you are spending in different areas of your life – utilities, rent/mortgage, food, etc. You can even set a monthly budget for these categories, and see how close you are to that budget. It will also give you various insights about your spending habits, as well as suggest financial products to help you save money.

If you have Mint, you know that it is a seriously useful product for taking control of your personal finances. Knowing how much Mint can revolutionize your personal finances, you might wonder whether there is a Mint for businesses. Good news – now there is! Scorico is just like Mint, but for small businesses. 

Scorico is an easy-to-navigate business and credit management platform. Just like Mint, you start by connecting various accounts to your personalized business health dashboard. You can connect 150+ popular business apps. These include popular accounting, ERP, payroll, e-commerce, CRM, marketing and POS business applications. Examples include QuickBooks, Shopify, Salesforce, Square, Instagram, etc.

Just like Mint delivers actionable insights related to your personal finances, Scorico delivers actionable insights related to your business to enable better business decisions and supercharge your business credit scores.

Just like Mint gives you access to your personal credit score for free, Scorico delivers your personal and business credit scores for free, along with continual insights on how to improve them.

Scorico goes above and beyond to deliver insights on every aspect of your business. You can analyze the impact of events, like a new loan or new employee, on financial performance. You get detailed cash flow projections that enable quick and profitable business decisions. Finally, you get alerted about issues ahead of time so that you can mitigate risks and avoid losses.

Ultimately, with Scorico, you will improve your small business finances and take control of your business’s future. Why not get started today? After all, just like Mint, using Scorico is free. Go ahead and give it a try by applying to join

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